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When asked to describe what we do, we will, as often as not, state that we are a beer mat company. Though a more accurate description would probably beer a beer mat manufacturer and printer. In our industry there is good reason to make clear exactly what we do.

So, lets be clear, Thirstys is a REAL manufacturer of REAL beer mats. We are a real ‘bricks and mortar’ business with a factory and offices in Northampton, England. There are those with an internet only presence that will imply or openly claim that they are a “manufacturer” when in reality, they are nothing of the sort. We produce a lot of beer mats for third parties, but none find the need to claim they are the manufacturer. Those that make false claims should, quite rightly, be looked upon with suspicion.

If you are looking to source beer mats there is very likely that, apart from wanting an inexpensive medium to deliver your message, you also was the genuine article, real beer mats. Even if that appears to be a statement of the obvious, it is worth dwelling on it for a moment. Real beer mats are manufactured using a highly absorbent wood-pulp substrate and then, the design is printed directly onto the beer mat. Thus the beer mat retains it’s natural characteristics, that is to soak up drips and small spills. In an era of digital printing, some would have you believe that a beer mats is still a beer mat if the design is printed on to a piece of paper and then Mounted (glued) onto a cardboard or pulp substrate. We beg to differ, place this type of mat anywhere near water, or the like and the result is inevitable.
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Beer mats are not just a functional accessory for any table or bar, they are, in fact a very cost effective advertising medium. With lower prices on lower volumes, the beer mat has been brought in reach of virtually any individual, business or organisation. Our beer mats have been embraced for delivering media messages on behalf of small businesses through to large multi-nationals, charities and even Government agencies.

Some 20 years ago we turned the industry on it's head by introducing a new production method that brought beer mat advertising within reach of any business or individual on a limited budget. Finally, the beer mat and it's advertising prowess was no longer the exclusive preserve of the major breweries and multi-nationals. Initially we adopted a minimum order quantity of 2,500 mats and, more recently, we have improved the manufacturing process even further to reduce the minimum quantity for full colour litho printed beer mats to just 50! Inevitably, with such a low unit cost, most orders are for considerable more than the minimum but, we want to emphasise that we treat every customer to the same high level of service irrespective of whether they are buying 50 beer mats or 1 million.

In an age when we have to consider the environmental impact of everything we build or use, we are delighted to be a responsible manufacturer from an 'eco friendly' perspective. There is a lot of information contained on this website, but, if you prefer to speak to real people, then you are most welcome to call our office. if you do, the you will probably hear the faint noise of our printing press in the background. A reassuring sound for any prospective buyer.

Eco Friendly

We purchase our board from suppliers that use wood fibres sourced from sustainable forest and we use vegetable oil based inks for our printing.

Real Beer Mats

Our beer mats are manufactured and printed by us using a thick and thirsty wood pulp fibre board. Litho-printed in full colour directly onto the board.


As well as offering volume breaks starting at just 50 mats! We can also offer non-standard sizes, custom shapes, hot foil stamping and letterpress printing.