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If we put our mind to it we could all do a little bit to more to limit the damage to our fragile eco system. This could be taking more care about what we purchase, what resources we use and/or how we dispose of things once we have finished with them. As a manufacturer, we can start this process by looking carefully at the materials we source to make our beer mats and we can also look at how eco friendly they are as and when they have completed their useful life. We have done precisely that and we hope that our commitment will be rewarded by your order. 

We start this process by ensuring that our raw materials are sourced only from suppliers that have a similar outlook to our own. That is to say that their own materials are sourced either from sustainable or renewable resources. Take our board for instance, this is made up from wood fibres which come from trees which are felled in forest that form part of the sustainable forest programme. In fact, some of our board is already made up of 85% already recycled wood pulp and then topped up with 15% wood fibres which are, once again, sourced from the same sustainable forests.

We could stop there, but we don’t. We also use vegetable based inks which are more expensive that traditional petroleum based inks, but much more friendly to the environment. And, they also produce more vibrant colours, so two for the price of one! But it is not just the fact that these inks are from renewable resources or that they make recycling less complicated. It is the fact that petroleum based inks typically emit up to 10 times more Volatile Organic Compounds’ into the atmosphere than their vegetable based counterparts. These types of pollutants have a negative effect on the ozone layer and therefore ours is a small but necessary contribution.

Vegetable inks are manufactured using renewable resources such as soy, flax and safflower. Although the ink takes longer to dry than it’s petroleum based counterpart, this is not really a problem with porous board such as that used by us in the manufacture of our beer mats. Many would also argue, not unreasonably, that vegetable based inks provide for a better quality print.

There is no legal obligation on manufacturers to take the initiative such as ours and certainly no financial incentive. But we firmly believe that it is a moral obligation to do what we can and in our own small way, make the world a better place to live in.

Sustainable Resources

Our beer mat board is sourced from suppliers that adhere to the sustainable forest programme. For every tree that is felled, at least one seedling is planted in it’s place.

Renewable Resources

We use vegetable based printing inks rather than the cheaper conventional petroleum based ink. Much lower emissions during the drying process and simplifies the recycling process.

100% Recyclable

Our beer mats are 100% recyclable and can be placed in the paper or cardboard waste bin. We practice what we preach by recycling all our board skeletons and related waste.