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We believe that we should be honest and upfront with our existing and prospective customers. This starts with an open and transparent pricing policy. Therefore we have published our price lists right here. The prices we quote include delivery to one UK mainland address and are based on an industry leading turnaround time which is typically 5 days.

By far and away, the majority of our orders are for our ’standard’ beer mat sizes which are 94mm diameter or 94mm squares with rounded corners. With this in mind, we have published our price lists for up to 50,000 beer mats. There are two price lists the first from 50 to 50,000 beer mats and the second 10,000 to 50,000 beer mats. Within these two price lists are 21 volume breaks ensuring that we have a volume break and price that closely matches your specific needs. The prices include delivery to one UK mainland address. If you want us to design your beer mat on your behalf, we can get an experienced designer on the case at a fixed rate of just £50 plus VAT.
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Inevitably there will be some customers that want something little special, perhaps a faster turnaround, a custom shape or size or perhaps to place an order for more than 50,000 beer mats. Whilst these requests are relatively routine, in order that we can assess your needs and provide you with an accurate price, we will need a few details from you. The choice is yours, you can either call us to discuss your needs or complete our online Quotation request form which only takes 2 to 3 minutes.

We recognise that some customers will require a written quotation before they can proceed, even if it is for our standard range and below 50,000. To speed this process, we have provided a small form alongside both price lists which will take less than a minute to complete. Once received, you will receive an automated reply which will provide the requisite quotation for the volume you have requested by email. It takes one minute to complete the form and you will receive a written quotation within a coupe of minutes..

A common practice is to provide a two tiered pricing structure with standard delivery times quoted as 10 working days and an optional 5 working day delivery for a fairly hefty premium. Our policy is to offer a typical 5 day turnaround without any price premium. Better still, we won’t ask for payment unless or until we have agreed the dispatch date. There will be exceptions to the 5 working day rule but, for the most part, our customers will have their mats dispatched within the requisite timescale. Either way, we will be upfront about such matters as is our normal practice because we believe in an honest and open policy towards our customers.

Real Beer Mat Manufacturer

Thirstys is a real manufacturer with a factory housing our printing press and offices based in Northampton, England. Producing beer mats for more than 20 years.

Real Beer Mats

Real beer mats are manufactured by printing directly onto a ‘thick and thirsty’ pulp-wood fibre board. Don’t be fooled into buying paper mounted on board.

Real People

Nothing ‘virtual’ here. We are real people, ready to discuss your objectives, process you orders and print your beer mats. No shopping carts here!