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Custom Size Beer Mats
Even if you some have a good idea of what your beer mat design will look like, you may gain additional inspiration by taking a look at some of the designs contained in our Beer Mat Gallery as well as some of the campaigns messages that our beer mats have utlised used for. Stop by to gain a feel for the vast cross section of businesses, organisations and agencies that have used our beer mats as part of their advertising mix.

Our standard beer mats are 94mm square with rounded corners or 94mm diameter (rounds) which is a good starting point for any design although it should also not be seen as a limitation (See custom shapes and special sizes). To aid you in your design we have provided some useful Artwork Specifications, and Design Templates to get you started.

Depending on the type of product, service or message you want to promote, you could consider non-standard sizes, custom shapes, spot colours or hot foil stamping. Clearly there are cost implications but you are best placed to decide on the relative merits. However, to provide you with some ideas of what can be achieved, we have produced beer mats in the shape of apples and pears for a cider company; a non-standard sized mats for restaurants and a print enhanced with hot foil for a special Birtday event. Each creative mind will have their own ideas and expectations, our intention is to highlight some of the options available to you.
Beer Mats by Thirstys Rugby Theme

No many people realise that we can print our beer mat board in sizes up to B1, therefore if you are looking for something a little more robust (1.2mm fibre board) for a show or presentation, then let us know by completing our Quotation Request Form. Maybe you want bespoke placemats for a restaurant or conference? A great way to grab peoples attention.

When all is said and done, it is worth remembering that over 90% of the beer mats we produce are 94mm square or 94mm round and the impact is invariably generated by the application of a stunning design printed directly to our board! We actively encourage our clients to engage with us at each step of the design process (concept, design, expecations etc), after all, it is very in our interest to see your campaign meet your expecations. We have 20 years experience manufacturing and printing beer mats, so we are well placed to offer a little guidance and reassurance as and when needed.

There are two sides to each beer mat which means that you can have two different designs, front and reverse. This provides you the opportunity for example, to have one side outlining your proposition and the other as a meaningful call to action. Conversely, one side could have the wow factor and the reverse can include the detail. Please remember, War & Peace doesn’t really work on a beer mat, short and punchy is best. As indicated above, it is well worth taking a look at our Artwork Specifications before you start designing.

In a nutshell, we love challenges and the more creative a design or concept, the more motivated we get. So don’t let perceived practicalities get in the way of a great design idea, speak to us first and we will, wherever practicable, advise the best way to achieve your objective. Even if your ideas are a little off the wall, we will work with you.

Real Beer Mat Manufacturer

Thirstys is a real manufacturer with a factory housing our printing press and offices based in Northampton, England. Producing beer mats for more than 20 years.

Real Beer Mats

Real beer mats are manufactured by printing directly onto a ‘thick and thirsty’ pulp-wood fibre board. Don’t be fooled into buying paper mounted on board.

Real People

Nothing ‘virtual’ here. We are real people, ready to discuss your objectives, process you orders and print your beer mats. No shopping carts here!