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We would be lying if we said that printing beer mats was simple! It is a team effort and it starts with the right design and realistic expectations. Of course, we can litho print in full colour and we spend a lot of time getting the registration just right but, what we can’t and we won’t promise is a perfect match for a specific pantone colour. This is because we use a very absorbent pulp-wood substrate which is designed to be effective at mopping up drips and spills and, a side effect of this, is it is just as keen on ink. So, as many designers will know and understand, an understanding of the characteristics of the substrate is one of the paramount considerations.

Having covered that little matter it is worth remembering that although the majority of our beer mats are printed in full colour, we can also accommodate spot colours to achieve the perfect finish. If you think your design may need this type of enhancement, we would recommend that you give us a call first on 01604 231280 or complete our online Quotation Request form. if you want to get a feel for what can be achieved, pop over to our Beer Mat Gallery for some real world examples.

Whilst you have found us on the internet, we are not a ‘virtual’ company, we have a factory and offices based in Northampton. Therefore, if you feel the need to discuss your design with people that know what they are doing, they you are most welcome to call us on 01604 231280. A little bit of advice can put your mind at rest or offer up alternatives, either way, it is free and we encourage you to engage with us in the early stages to avoid time consuming edits.

Once you are ready to get started, we would recommend that you spend just 3 minutes watching ourl Video Tutorial. In addition, we provided a section of Design Templates (for square and round beer mats) and Artwork Specifications which can be downloaded. Alternatively, we can design the beer mats on your behalf.

Also take into consideration that, whilst our standard beer mats are either 94mm square with rounded corners or 94mm in diameter, we can also able to provide non-standard sizes and custom shapes. It will cost a little more but if it’s what you need to get your design moving, then we will be pleased to oblige. For obvious reasons, we can’t give you a price for these specials here and now, because we will need to know more information first, however, if you complete our Bespoke Quotation Form, we will get back to you toot sweet. Other options you could consider include hot foil printing, as well as spot colours.

We are always willing work with our customers so they can achieve the very best from their design and deliver a message with real impact and results.

Real Beer Mat Manufacturer

Thirstys is a real manufacturer with a factory housing our printing press and offices based in Northampton, England. Producing beer mats for more than 20 years.

Real Beer Mats

Real beer mats are manufactured by printing directly onto a ‘thick and thirsty’ pulp-wood fibre board. Don’t be fooled into buying paper mounted on board.

Real People

Nothing ‘virtual’ here. We are real people, ready to discuss your objectives, process you orders and print your beer mats. No shopping carts here!