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To achieve the best finished beer mat product it all starts with the design. However, the design also has to take into account of some of the unique aspects of printing onto pulp-wood board. Our aim here is to provide a few pointers to help you along the way.
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Artists and designers will have a good knowledge of their subject matter and this will likely include the various aspects and challenges of printing onto different substrates. Our beer mats are printed onto fibre board which has it’s own set of unique characteristics. Not least that it is highly absorbent as would be expected of a genuine beer mat and this means that it is not the same as printing onto cardboard or paper. Full colour images are represented extremely well but, the downside is getting a perfect pantone match is bordering on impossible. We will use our skills to get as close as possible, but this is inevitably one of the minor pitfalls of printing on highly absorbent beer mat board.!

Nonetheless, we encourage all of our customers, past or present, to speak to us about what they are trying to achieve, both in terms of design and end result. We are here to help and assist you to in your endeavours..

01 3 minute Video Design Tutorial

02 Design Templates with bleed and cut-line guides available in the following formats: AI, PSD and PNG

03 Artwork Specifications downloadable as PDF’s

If you prefer to have us design your beer mats on your behalf we can offer this service for just £50 plus VAT.

If you have done this all before or are comfortable with designing your own beer mats without reference to us, you can Place your order right here.


Real Beer Mat Manufacturer

Thirstys is a real manufacturer with a factory housing our printing press and offices based in Northampton, England. Producing beer mats for more than 20 years.

Real Beer Mats

Real beer mats are manufactured by printing directly onto a ‘thick and thirsty’ pulp-wood fibre board. Don’t be fooled into buying paper mounted on board.

Real People

Nothing ‘virtual’ here. We are real people, ready to discuss your objectives, process you orders and print your beer mats. No shopping carts here!